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Gigastar.in presents an exclusive deal on the Consistent H61 NVME Motherboard

Unveiling the Consistent H61 NVME Motherboard: Elevate Your Computing Experience

When it comes to building or upgrading your computer system, choosing the right

motherboard is crucial. The motherboard serves as the backbone, determining your system's performance, compatibility, and reliability. In the bustling market of computer hardware, finding a motherboard that perfectly balances these aspects can be a challenge. However, enter the Consistent H61 NVME Motherboard—a game-changer in the tech realm.


In the tech landscape where innovation is the key, Gigastar.in presents an exclusive deal on the Consistent H61 NVME Motherboard, a Micro-ATX powerhouse engineered to maximize the potential of your 2nd and 3rd Generation Intel® CPUs.

Unmatched Compatibility & Performance

The standout feature of the Consistent H61 Motherboard lies in its unparalleled compatibility with 2nd and 3rd Generation Intel® CPUs, ensuring a vast array of options catering to diverse user needs. Whether you're a casual user, a content creator, or a hardcore gamer, this motherboard seamlessly meets your demands, ensuring a fluid, high-performance experience.

Form Factor & Flexibility

Crafted in a Micro-ATX form factor, this motherboard harmonizes power with compactness. It effortlessly fits into smaller PC cases without compromising on performance. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for users seeking a balance between a powerful setup and a space-efficient build.

Robust Build & Advanced Connectivity

Built for longevity, the Consistent H61 Motherboard is designed to endure. Its sturdy construction assures reliability, complemented by advanced connectivity options such as USB 2.0 and SATA 3Gbps ports, facilitating rapid data transfer and seamless integration with your favorite peripherals and storage devices.

Warranty & Reliability

Backed by a generous 3-year warranty from Consistent's authorized service center, this motherboard exudes reliability. It assures peace of mind, promising enduring performance and support, a testament to its quality craftsmanship.

Aesthetic Appeal & Sleek Design

Beyond its technical prowess, the motherboard's sleek design adds an aesthetic charm to your PC setup, making it not just a functional component but also a visually appealing addition.

Special Offer & Payment Methods

Gigastar.in sweetens the deal further by offering convenient payment methods, allowing you to choose between Prepaid and COD (Cash on Delivery). Moreover, enjoy free delivery on Prepaid orders above Rs. 1500/-. For COD, remember to pay shipping charges in advance. Find more details at Gigastar Payment Methods.


Unlock the full potential of your system with the Consistent H61 NVME Motherboard, available exclusively at Gigastar.in. Elevate your computing experience, backed by a 3-year warranty for long-term peace of mind. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your system's performance and reliability.

Upgrade your setup today! Payment methods are flexible, so choose what suits you best and enjoy a seamless shopping experience with Gigastar.in.

Happy shopping and an upgraded computing experience await you at Gigastar.in!

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