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Upgrade your surveillance system with the Passive BNC Video Balun for CCTV HD Cameras. This high-quality balun is compatible with AHD/HDCVI/HDTVI transmission signals (720p/1080p) and supports cable types CAT 5/5e/6. With a transmission distance of up to 300 meters for CVI/AHD and 200 meters for TVI, it ensures clear and reliable video signals without the need for additional power. Featuring built-in surge and transient protection, it provides super interference rejection and maintains the integrity of your video signal. Ideal for HD CCTV applications, this balun allows you to connect any camera or DVR over CAT5 Ethernet cable, offering a cost-effective solution for your security needs.


  • Compatibility: AHD/HDCVI/HDTVI transmission signals (720p/1080p)
  • Cable Types: CAT 5/5e/6
  • Transmission Distance: Up to 300 meters for CVI/AHD, 200 meters for TVI
  • Power Requirement: No power required
  • Protection: Built-in surge and transient protection
  • Interference Rejection: >60dB
  • Connector Type: Male BNC


  • Anti-interference UTP 1-CH passive video balun connector
  • Allows connection directly to the camera or DVR
  • No power required
  • High-quality balun for connecting cameras or DVRs over CAT5 Ethernet cable
  • Enables wire runs up to about 1,100 feet, transmitting video signals from surveillance cameras
  • Cost-effective alternative to coax/siamese cables
  • Built-in surge and transient protection for reliable performance
  • Super interference rejection ensures clear video signals

Payment Methods:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer

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Passive BNC Video Balun for CCTV HD Camera

SKU: BNC Video Balun
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