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Specification: Enjoy smooth operation and efficient multitasking with the Lapcare LPMH61-N. Specifically designed for Intel Socket 1155 processors, including the 3rd, 2nd Generation Core i7, Core i5, Core i3, Pentium, and Celeron series, it delivers excellent performance and broad compatibility for a diverse range of processors.


Processor Support: Experience powerful performance with the Lapcare LPMH61-N motherboard, crafted to support Intel Core i7/i5/i3 series processors in the LGA1155 package. The Intel H61 Chipset ensures optimal compatibility, unlocking the full potential of your preferred processor.


RAM Support: This motherboard is tailored for seamless multitasking, supporting dual-channel DDR3 memory at speeds of 1066/1333/1600 MHz. With two DIMM slots, it accommodates up to 16GB of RAM, providing ample space for resource-intensive applications and memory-intensive tasks.


NVME Slot: Unlock next-level storage performance with the Lapcare LPMH61-N's NVME slot. This feature allows users to leverage high-speed NVME storage devices, ensuring significantly faster data transfer rates. Experience improved system responsiveness and reduced loading times for applications and games.


Warranty: Rest easy with the assurance of a 3-year warranty from Lapcare's authorized service center. This warranty underlines the manufacturer's commitment to quality and reliability, providing support for any potential hardware issues during the specified period.


Payment Methods: Choose between Prepaid and COD (Cash on Delivery) options for a convenient purchasing experience. For Prepaid orders above Rs. 1500/-, enjoy free delivery. If opting for COD, remember to pay shipping charges in advance. Visit Gigastar Payment Methods for more details.


Special Offer from Gigastar.in: Explore Gigastar.in for an exclusive deal on the Lapcare LPMH61-N motherboard. Maximize performance with this motherboard's exceptional specifications and compatibility. As a special offer, receive free thermal paste for effective heat dissipation and enjoy a one-year warranty for added assurance. Upgrade your system with confidence, backed by Gigastar's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Lapcare Motherboard H61 NVME Socket 1155 for 3rd Generation i7, i5, i3 Processor

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