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Intel Core i3 3rd Generation Processor For LGA 1155 Sockets (Refurbished)

Experience the performance boost of the Intel Core i3 3rd Generation Processor, designed for LGA 1155 sockets. Built on 22nm process technology, this 64-bit, multi-core processor is perfect for users seeking reliable and efficient computing power. Ideal for both home and office use, the processor features a two-chip platform consisting of a processor and a Platform Controller Hub (PCH), ensuring higher performance, lower cost, easier validation, and improved x-y footprint. Refurbished to meet high-quality standards, this processor offers exceptional value and performance.


  • Processor Model: Intel Core i3 3rd Generation
  • Socket Compatibility: LGA 1155
  • Process Technology: 22nm
  • Architecture: 64-bit, multi-core
  • Platform: Two-chip platform (processor and PCH)
  • Performance: High efficiency and reliability
  • Condition: Refurbished


  • 22nm process technology for enhanced performance
  • Multi-core processing for improved multitasking
  • Compatible with LGA 1155 sockets
  • Two-chip platform design for better performance and cost-efficiency
  • Refurbished to meet high-quality standards
  • Ideal for both home and office applications

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Intel Core i3 3rd Generation Processor For LGA 1155 Sockets

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