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The HP Original JC04 Laptop Battery is designed to be compatible with various HP models, providing reliable and long-lasting power for your laptop. This high-quality battery is a perfect replacement or spare for your original battery and ensures uninterrupted productivity and usage.

Compatible Models for HP:-
255 G6 250 G6 Pavilion 15-bs000 / 15-bs060wm / 15-bs192od
15-bs033cl / 15-bs095ms / 15-bs015dx / 15-bs020wm / 15-bs016dx
15-bs038dx / 15-bs078cl / 15-bs060wm / 15-bs013nr / 15-bs077nr
15- bs053od / 15-bs091ms / 15-bs080wm / 15-bs053od / 15-bs131nr
15-bs023cy / 15-bs016dx / 15-bs038cl / 15-bs058ca / 15-bs065nr
15-bs091ms / 15-bs091ms / 15-bs132nr / 15-bs008cy / 15-bs011cy
15-bs132nr / 15-bw000 / 15-bw011dx / 15-bw070nr / 15-bw028ca

With this battery, you can enjoy extended usage time and enhanced performance for your HP laptop. Whether you need to work on important projects, watch movies, or browse the web, the HP Original JC04 Laptop Battery provides the necessary power to keep you going. For the best deals on this battery, you can visit www.gigastar.in, where you can find competitive prices and reliable service.

HP Original Laptop Battery JC04

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